The ICHF offers a full Certification program in the Self Defense System of Combat Hapkido:

  • Color Belts - Student receive an ICHF Certification for each level of color-belt testing as they progress through the Combat Hapkido system. Color-belts include: White, Yellow, Orange. Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Advanced, Red, and Deputy Black Belt
  • Black Belt - Students can also obtain Black Belt Certification from the ICHF for 1st Dan through 9th Dan Black Belt.
  • All Levels of Instructor Certification - Instructor training is provided to students that wish to "give back" to the Combat Hapkido organization and wish to expand their knowledge through teaching.

The ICHF also offers additional Instructor Certification in the areas of:

  • Combat Hapkido Cane
  • Combat Hapkido Ground Defense
  • Anatomical Targeting Strategies (pressure points)
  • Self Defense System for the Disabled

Certification in TaeKwonDo can also be obtained through the Independent TaeKwonDo Association (ITA).

Additional special programs such as the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute (IPDTI), The World Martial Arts Alliance (WMA) Registry and The Self Defense America School Licensing Program are also under the umbrella of the ICHF.

For more information on these programs review our website or contact ICHF HQ at www.dsihq.com.


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